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What are Essential Oils? What are the Benefits?

Essential oils are known as highly concentrated plant extracts that are basically distilled into oil. Oils made from some parts of flowers, roots, leaves, which are especially popular in alternative medicine; It has also been used for medicinal purposes in some cultures since ancient times. The results obtained as a result of scientific researches continuing until today have revealed that some essential oils have some benefits especially for health.

Essential Oils

Skin Care and Essential Oils

In general, the terms essential oil have been heard by almost everyone. However, it is not completely sure what it means when it is paid attention. Essential oils are natural oils produced from plants.

It has known benefits for hair, skin and body. Each plant has its own unique benefits. A few of the most well-known essential oils, especially for skin care, can be expressed as tea tree, lavender oil and rose oil.

You can buy these types of oils alone or in combination with other foreign oils to suit your skin care. Especially at, you can choose the oils suitable for your skin care and create a care set.

Where are the Uses of Essential Oils?

Today, essential oil has a wide range of uses. Many people use essential oils in their home, bathroom or daily cleaning, kitchen work. Essential oils also contain plant extracts that can be used for skin and hair care. However, it is also used for aromatherapy purposes.

For example, lavender helps sleep problem and also creates a feeling of enlightenment with citrus. In case of being nervous and irritable during the day, mint consumption helps to relieve tension.

To use the products, it can be applied to the skin as one or two drops on your fingertip. You can test a small piece of skin to avoid any reaction or reaction on your skin.

What are the Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Essential Oils?

Generally, in the selection of essential oil, the purposes for which it can be used should be considered first. The use of natural oils or essential oils may vary according to the current condition of the skin.

The choice of non-accumulating or bacterial oils among the options is shaped according to the preferences of the people. In this context, considering these factors, products with benefits should be the subject of choice. In addition, if you are going to search for pure oils that represent natural or organic values, saturated products with a guarantee of freshness should be the subject of choice.

In cases where unwanted additional additives are not preferred, organic materials are more suitable for the person. It is possible to find essential oil and organic products suitable for you at affordable price ranges by going to It is recommended to examine especially mint, eucalyptus and lavender varieties.

Some Types of Essential Oils

Lavender, the first of some essential oils, is known as one of the most used essential oils today. It is known as a beneficial essence especially for people who have sleep problems. It is also known as a type of volatile oil that can solve the sleep problem. Another essential oil is known as eucalyptus.

This oil is generally good for colds and is used in the treatment of congestion and cough. There is also research on its antibacterial benefits. Another very popular one today is peppermint oil.


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