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What is Dry Oil? What Does It Do?

Carrier oils are natural oils obtained from the seeds and kernels of plants. These oils provide the moisture balance of the skin, repair and renew the nutrients in the skin. Carrier oils can be used for skin care like essential oils, but essential oils can be harmful when applied to the skin in pure form. Therefore, carrier oils ensure the safe use of essential oils on the skin.

Dry Oil

What is Dry Oil?

Dry oils are fast-absorbing fixed oils on the skin. Rosehip seed oil, nut oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil, argan oil and jojoba oil are known as dry oils. These oils provide the moisture balance of the skin, repair and renew the nutrients in the skin. In addition, dry oils moisturize the skin without making it greasy and are quickly absorbed into the skin.

As MadamMerry, we moisturize and nourish your skin by using carrier oils in our natural soaps. We keep your skin healthy by using natural ingredients such as dry oils in our soaps.

If you want to make your own dry care oil at home, you can use fixed oils such as rosehip seed oil, hazelnut oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil, argan oil and jojoba oil. By mixing these oils, you can obtain a dry oil suitable for your skin. However, be careful when mixing oils and use the correct proportions. Also, pay attention to the quality of the oils and if possible use organic and certified oils.

What Does Dry Oil Do?

Dry oils have become quite popular in the skincare world lately. These oils, which look like traditional oils but do not leave a greasy feeling on the skin, are quickly absorbed, moisturizing, repairing and nourishing your skin. Dry oils are usually derived from herbal extracts and are available in different varieties depending on your skin's needs.

Our skin needs more moisture, especially in the winter months. Dry air, wind and cold dry our skin and cause it to crack. For this reason, dry oils protect the natural moisture balance of our skin and provide a softer and smoother appearance.

Natural soaps also have an important place in skin care. Soaps that do not contain chemicals and are produced with natural ingredients gently clean and moisturize your skin. As MadammMerry, we also work to meet the needs of your skin with our natural soaps.

What are the Benefits of Dry Oil?

Dry oil has become very popular in the beauty world in recent years and can be used for different skin types. In addition to being an ideal option to meet the moisture need of dry skin, it can also be preferred as a light moisturizer for oily skin.

However, moisturizing isn't the only property of dry oil. It can create a relaxing effect by taking the tension on the skin after sun . Thanks to its skin soothing feature, you can relax your skin by using it on the face and body. Also, dry oil can be a great help for your hair. Regular use is recommended to repair broken and dull hair and give it a healthy look.

How to Take Dry Oil

Dry oil can also be used to thin out thick foundations. You can get a lighter look by adding a few drops of dry oil to the foundation. To remove your eye make-up, eye make-up removal can be done easily by adding a few drops of dry oil to a cotton ball.

At MadamMerry, we offer the highest quality natural products to help you preserve your natural beauty. Our natural soaps moisturize and nourish while preserving the natural structure of your skin. It does not contain chemicals harmful to skin health and renews your skin thanks to its natural components.


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