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Air Mercury Cream 50ml

Air Mercury Cream 50ml


The use of Air Mercury Grass has been going on since ancient times, it has been widely used to color drinks since ancient times. However, the benefits of the plant are not limited to its coloring properties.


The cream obtained from the extract of the plant is a great help in various health problems. It can provide significant benefits for ailments such as burns, cuts, foot wounds, internal wounds and bedsores. In the form of a cream in which the air mercury plant you grow in your own garden is combined with olive oil and pure beeswax, it can often be used in many conditions such as wounds, bruises, inflammations and sprains.


This cream, which is especially effective in the treatment of burns, contributes to the healing process quickly and minimizes the risk of scarring. Enriched with natural ingredients, Air Mercury Herb cream offers a natural and reliable option for healthy skin. The miraculous properties of this plant from ancient times still preserve its value in the modern age.

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