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Lemon Cologne 200ml - Glass Bottle

Lemon Cologne 200ml - Glass Bottle


Lemon cologne has been the first choice for years with its light scent and refreshing effect. It also has a stress-relieving effect. On the other hand, lemon cologne is a product used for hygiene. Its refreshing scent creates the effect that you can feel among the lemon trees. It will definitely be a product that you will not want to take away from you.


 Lemon cologne, which is also used in hand cleaning, takes its place in the first place thanks to its hygienic power. It provides practical use as it is presented in different bottles. You will be in harmony with this scent, you will be able to breathe the lemon scent into your soul, and you will immediately feel the refreshing effect.


 You will be in harmony with the lemon scent. This cologne is the common choice of those who want to relax and breathe comfortably on hot summer days. This cologne, which is poured into the palms, provides an advantage not only with its smell, but also with the hygiene it provides.

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