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Mandarin Cologne 200ml - Glass Bottle

Mandarin Cologne 200ml - Glass Bottle


Tangerine continues to fascinate with its fresh and refreshing feature. It will always make you feel very good with its specially designed bottle and intense citrus scent. This magnificent fruit will revitalize your soul with its refreshing scent, while regaining energy.


 With the refreshing effect of tangerine, it will make you feel like reborn. The practical design of the bottle is ideal for carrying around and allows you to enjoy the aroma of tangerine at any time. With this unique scent enveloping you, you will leave your stressful moments behind and purify and relax your mind again.


 Mandarin will give you plenty of energy throughout the day and will greatly increase positive feelings. It will make you feel inside the lively and refreshing world of tangerine. At the same time, it will leave a decorated look to the rooms with its special and different bottle.

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