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Herbal Massage Oil 340ml

Herbal Massage Oil 340ml


To make you feel soft and pleasant, this herbal massage oil is just for you. Massage oil, which takes all the fatigue and stress, will make you feel light. This herbal massage oil contains sunflower oil and almond oil. This massage oil can be preferred especially during bathing.


 This massage oil, which increases the humidity of the body, will also give energy. If you have dry skin or sensitive skin, this massage oil will be ideal for you. This skin type should definitely choose a product that will increase the moisture content.


 Thanks to the massage oil, you will be revitalized and you will feel better. Remember, it is your right to be good. It's worth it for your skin. Herbal massage oil is natural due to its content. Therefore, it will make the skin more lively and moist.

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