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Serum Visage Vitamine C 30ml

Serum Visage Vitamine C 30ml


Thanks to Vitamin C, which is a very good antioxidant, which is a special formula for a radiant and effective skin, it helps to equalize your skin tone and achieve a lively skin as a result of regular use.


Equalizing your skin tone is an important step in achieving the healthy and glowing skin that most people dream of. Vitamin C is known as a powerful antioxidant that supports your skin and promotes the regeneration of skin cells.


With regular use, it makes your skin look brighter, livelier and younger. It is quite simple to use. It is enough to apply the product as a full dropper to your cleansed skin and massage it gently.


In this way, you can ensure that the product penetrates your skin completely. After applying it to clean skin as part of your daily skin care routine, morning and evening, you can use the moisturizing cream. However, it is important that you avoid contact with the eye area.

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