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Sosyal Sorumluluk

Bandırma merkezli olarak faaliyet gösteren kozmetik ve bitkisel bakım ürünleri firması MadammMerry, anlamlı ve sürdürülebilir bir sosyal sorumluluk projesine imza attı. Bandırma’nın kırsal mahallelerinden başlayan bu proje kapsamında, köy okullarında eğitim gören öğrencilere fidan hediye edilerek bu fidanların dikimi gerçekleştirildi. Her öğrenci adına özel olarak hazırlanan fidanlar, doğaya ve çevreye olan duyarlılığı artırmayı amaçlıyor. Projenin ilk durağında Yeni Yenice İlkokulu’nda eğitim gören 21 öğrenciye fidanları teslim edildi ve bu öğrenciler, kendi adlarına dikilen fidanların bakımını üstlenerek çevre bilincini pekiştirdiler.

As MadammMerry, one of the successful cosmetic and herbal care products companies in the sector, we are among the successful companies in the sector by making serious progress in a short time. As a result of being in the sector for about 15 years and determining customer-oriented work, we have achieved today's success.

Especially in the last 5 years, our product portfolio has been formed around natural products. Using the smooth skin of French women of the 1970s and the nobility of Turkish women as inspiration, the company offers many skin care products.

As MadammMerry, there are many different varieties in our products. The cologne options are very popular with their wonderful scents. Our sleeping water products are among the products in which women have been in high demand in recent years. With herbal soaps, you get both natural and healthy cleaning. It is preferred by many people because it is both natural and extremely beneficial.

The possibility of any side effects is also very low compared to other chemical products. Our donkey milk soap products, which were widely used in ancient times, are both popular and an indispensable product of those who use it with the benefits it shows. Pine tree soap is among the products preferred by men. When natural and herbal products are mentioned, of course, massage products come to mind. As MadammMerry, we also offer dry oil varieties for you. Massage oil types, which are widely preferred in massage parlors, are also extremely popular.

As MadammMerry, we have been continuing our services with the same understanding and motto since the first day we entered the sector. As our basic motto, "Beauty is in Our Nature", we emphasize that beauty and care can actually be achieved with natural and herbal products stored in nature. We continue to provide many benefits with the oils and mixtures we obtain by combining the oils of olive trees with various flower and plant essences.

Do your skin and yourself a favor with our successful and high-quality products that do not harm human health, which can be preferred by both women and men. Caring for and investing in the skin, especially over the age of 40, delays aging as well as prevents various ailments and wrinkles that may be experienced. Therefore, start taking care of your skin with aromatherapy products with natural ingredients and dazzle you with your radiant appearance. As MadammMerry, our company and all our teammates will continue to produce and offer you many natural, high quality, reliable and herbal products for you.

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